Depthkit file gets distorted with camera in Unity

Wondering if there are any solutions to distortion that I am getting with a depthkit clip. I have a depthkit clip playing inside of a 360 video. It comes into my 4k video very small so I am scaling the depthkit clip in Unity which seems to be working. I’m using the main camera in my Unity scene to move the holographic figure to a new position in the 360 video and when I do, all the nice detail gets really messy and kind of folds on itself.
I feel like I’ve seen this happen in other works but hoping there is a way around it…?

Hey Elizabeth, would you mind sharing a screen shot of this so we can get a better idea of what is happening? Feel free to post here or email it to me at

Yes - thank you - images coming later today.


HI Jillian
I have three jpgs attached. Once I brought the depthlkit file into Unity and started re-positioning, it got really distorted.

distort3.jpg shows the image closest to what I captured but the edges got jagged. (I’m getting nice results with Pro prior to bringing into Unity!)

You can see in distort2.jpg how the image loses smooth edges completely and almost folds in on itself. In distort1.jpg I’m losing part of the figure

which I don’t want to happen.

I’m wondering if there is a better way to change how the figure gets positioned in Unity? I don’t need to even animate - just change where it starts in the 360 space.

I was using the main camera because positioning the depth kit clip

didn’t seem to make any change.

Appreciate any suggestions!





Hey Elizabeth, thanks for sharing these images. This looks like it may due to some color space conversions in Unity. Are you using the Unity video player in your Depthkit clip? If so, I recommend trying AVPro. In case this doesn’t solve the issue, I recommend just downloading a trial of AVpro just to test. If that doesn’t fix the issue, let me know!

See details in our troubleshooting section of the Unity plugin.

Hey Jillian,

I think you may be right about the AVPro player - just didn’t expect a $450 plugin!

Seems that this is the go to process for video in Unity though. Thank you for your reply.

You are always so prompt with assistance!

Totally understand! I definitely recommend testing with the trial version in case this doesn’t solve the issue. Also, you can purchase platform specific versions of the plugin for a lower price. I believe the Windows only version is $150 if that is helpful.