Setting up your Depthkit clip with the AVPro Video Player

By default, the Depthkit Clip is set up with the Unity video player. We provide support for the AVPro video player for its performance and for the ability to stream from outside of the Unity project. Follow these steps to set up your clip with AVPro if you have already purchased the AVPro plugin.

If video tutorials are more your speed, check out this quick video that follows the written steps below.

Getting Started with AVPro Video

  1. In the Package Manager, in the Packages dropdown menu, select My Assets to view your purchased assets.

  2. Locate AVPro from this list and click import.

  3. Back in the Package Manager, select In Project from the Packages dropdown menu to import your desired Depthkit Core package if you have not already done so.

  4. Click the add icon and select Add package from disk.

  5. Locate the depthkit.core package folder. Within this folder, select the package.json file and click open.

  6. Once imported, you will see the addition of Depthkit Core within the Package Manager. Select this item and expand the Samples toggle. You will see two import options: AV Pro Video Player and the Depthkit Core Built-in RP prefab. Import both into your project.

  7. Import your Depthkit asset. Create a Clips folder within your Assets folder. Drag your Depthkit metadata file and poster image into this folder. Drag your Depthkit video into the StreamingAssets folder. This folder was automatically generated within the Assets folder when you imported the AVPro package.

  8. In your assets folder, locate the Depthkit Clip + Core Built-in RP from the Sample folder and drag it into the Hierarchy. Select the clip and see the Inspector.

  9. In the Depthkit Clip component, select the video player dropdown and select AVPro Video Player.

  10. Drag your metadata file and poster image to the corresponding fields in the Depthkit Clip component. In the Media Player component, click browse and select your Depthkit video from Streaming Assets. Ensure that the Source Path is set to Relative to Streaming Assets Folder. Now your clip is ready for playback using the AVPro Video Player!

You can switch back to the Unity Video Player at any point. Just note that you will need to relink the Depthkit video file.