Depthkit.js very out of date, workarounds?

Hi! I’m currently working on a project where I’ll have to integrate content captured on Depthkit into a three.js scene. While there’s Depthkit.js, it seems very out of date and no longer compatible with the current Depthkit exports, mainly because of the changed metadata formats.

It would be great if I could get some pointers on converting the new metadata format into the old one as used in the examples, so I could still use the old library on new captures.

Here are the metadata formats I’m referring to: old, new

After some digging, it seems like the new metadata format lacks an extrinsic matrix compared to the old format. While extrinsic data could still be found in new project files, it is stored in a position vector and a rotation vector instead of a 4x4 matrix. Any ideas on how to convert between a extrinsic matrix and position and rotation? Also, I couldn’t figure out what “boundsCenter”, “boundsSize”, and “crop” means.

Would appreciate any help!

Hi @Ka_HengShiu, can I confirm that you are using Depthkit.js here?

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Thanks for the quick reply! I was using the repository on npm. Seems like its not the official repo, and the one you provided works fine. Thanks again :+1:

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