How to download previous version 0.5.3 for Depthkit.js

Struggling to run 0.6.1 exported depthkit combined per pixel video in the WebGL Depthkit.js sample

Using this workaround didn鈥檛 work: GitHub - ScatterCo/Depthkit.js: 馃帪 A plugin for using Depthkit's volumteric captures in Three.js

We have been told we need to use version 0.5.3 at the latest before the metadata change in 0.5.4 in the above link.

Where can we download 0.5.3 version of the Depthkit software?

@RobertFarthing1 Can you share both versions of the metadata files (before and after applying the workaround)? I can take a look to see where the issue is occuring.

I don鈥檛 have an example of the workaround working at all but here are the files : - Google Drive , not sure why it doesn鈥檛 work so feel free to try the workaround yourself to see if you can get it working. I would much prefer we use the 0.5.3 version of Depthkit software if you can please provide a download link?

That or if the WebGL Depthkit.js samples could be updated to work with metadata files from current Depthkit versions that would be ideal too.

@RobertFarthing1 Since Depthkit projects are not backwards compatible, trying to load the project in an older version would likely cause even more issues. I took a look at the metadata, and it looks like it鈥檚 formatted properly for Depthkit.js for Core. I tried to get my own instance of the Depthkit.js example scene up and running, but ran into issues on my side as well, so I am going to look into this with my technical team and report back. Apologies for these issues popping up with Depthkit.js - Our immediate focus is currently on Depthkit Studio, and we aim to be circling back to the the web renderer later this year. I鈥檒l keep you posted with any updates as I have them.

@RobertFarthing1 - I worked on this a bit with my team, and was able to get your asset to load as you sent it without any modifications:

A couple of things worth mentioning:

  • The readme on our repo currently offers Node.js as an alternative way to install Depthkit.js, but this is not maintained, and likely points to an old version. Instead, use the version included with the example or build directly from our repo. I am updating the readme to reflect this.
  • I am also updating the readme with a getting started section to clarify what each command is doing, and how to get feedback as you set up.

EDIT - The Readme is updated.

@RobertFarthing1 Just following up on this - Were you able to get the clip running in browser?

Hey, we decided to not use DepthKit.js for the project as the reason the sample file didn鈥檛 work was because I was working with a slightly older version prior to this PR which was based on work I did myself to update the Three.js version for use of BufferGeometry. Upgrade to latest three r0.147.0 by juniorxsound 路 Pull Request #32 路 juniorxsound/Depthkit.js 路 GitHub

The real issue is that the DepthKit.js repo is not made to work as a module imported into other projects so the integration that I did with Needle Tools that we are using is very fiddly and prone to breaking if I try to update it as I made a fair amount of code changes just to get the thing working in our project.

I can see some work being done for this here Migrate to es module / es6 import by remmel 路 Pull Request #39 路 juniorxsound/Depthkit.js 路 GitHub
But it wasn鈥檛 going to complete in time for our project to kick off unfortunately.

The lack of official Depthkit developer resource on the .JS implementation is harming it I think.

@RobertFarthing1 , thanks for sharing your experience, and apologies that the Depthkit.js library didn鈥檛 work for your project.

This open-source library was conceived and developed as a community effort, and because it hasn鈥檛 been integral to the other prioritized parts of the Depthkit ecosystem, you鈥檙e right to say that it lacks the resources needed to make it a fully-supported developer tool.

Later this year, we are planning on developing an entirely new WebXR integration, which will also introduce support for rendering Depthkit Core and Studio assets in browser, so if that helps you with this or future projects, we鈥檒l keep you updated on the timeline.