[RESOLVED] Recent Deptkit footage/metadata and Depthkit.js (WebGL) working example?

Hello everyone

I have been trying to put some newly shot depthkit footage (with a very recent deptkit version) in a depthkit.js webpage but it’s less trivial than I would expect and for some reason, I can’t get it to work…

When I look at the metadafafile from the assets included in the original depthkit.js examples compared to my footage, they are quite different. The example asset Chae included in the original examples has
“_versionMajor” : “0”,
“_versionMinor” : “2” and next to several fields also some field called “extrinsics”.
The deptkit footage I have shot (with a D415) only has
“_versionMajor” : “0”,
“_versionMinor” : “1” and no “extrensics” field whatsoever (among others.)

When I substitute my own txt metadata and mp4 in the simple.html example from depthkit.js, the webpage gives some javascript errors (referencing missing extrensics values among others) and no streaming asset whatsoever. (I also tried pasting the values of this metadata txt into the working Chae metadata txt but that also does not work…)

Is there something obvious I might not have taken into account and should this just work out of the box ?
Does a working example exist that combines the depthkit.js with the kind of metadata txt and mp4 file I get as my current output from depthkit ? (Or is the metadata txt file different if I would use a kinect2 ?)

Any helpful advice or pointers very much appreciated!

Best regards


Working solution came through the awesome volumetrics slack channel (thnx timscaffidi!):

Apparently I used the depthkit.js version from https://github.com/juniorxsound/DepthKit.js that only works with the older version of depthkit footage.

The most recent version from https://github.com/ScatterCo/Depthkit.js/blob/master/build/depthkit.js#L337 works just fine with the latest depthkit footage and parses the metadata txt file from the newest depthkit software without a problem.

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Sorry for the nudge but why aren’t any of the samples updated to use more recent Three.js versions? I have been struggling at changing the deprecated calls to THREE.Geometry and THREE.Face3 for a couple days now and have almost given up.

Is there any dedicated support for the WebGL solutions?

@RobertFarthing I see you’ve created an issue on GitHub and you may have a fix - Thanks for jumping straight in on this. Once it is reviewed, we can update our repository as well.

@RobertFarthing It looks like Or has merged a quick fix into his Depthkit.js repo, so you can use his version until we are able to update ours.