Depthkit .mp4 values

Hi - I’m playing with the .mp4 that depthkit outputs in Unity - specifically the VFX graph editor.
The .mp4 is split into the RGB in the top half with what I assume is the depth values in the bottom half.
Could you give some information on what the RGB values represent in the lower half of the .mp4 please ?

Hi @AndrewWhitney! The depth data is encoded as HSV. You might find this resource for Depthkit.js helpful. Can you share a bit about how you want to work with the depth data? I’d love to better understand what you are tying to accomplish so we can better support your work.

Hi Jillian,

Thanks for getting back in touch,
I’ll check out the example you sent over. I was looking for ‘simple’ code or examples on how to transfer the .mp4 into position XYZ - We work with 3ds max and Unity for AR & VR e.g

Having a basic understanding of how to translate the data from rgb-hsl to xyz is always good as we can then send it where we want (hopefully) - the link you sent looks like a good place to start. I’ve also since posting the question discovered the Dkvfx project. (Not sure how I missed it)

More examples of work here :

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@AndrewWhitney thank you for sharing examples of your work, it is absolutely lovely. Do you intend to be combine these architectural/environmental scans with Depthkit? Would love to hear more about your project!

At the moment we’re working with an artist -
Who we’ve done several AR projects with. At the moment we are looking at ways we can deliver a residential app’ for him. Where people download the app’ and there’s a pre-recorded section of video (using depthkit) that will also integrate some of his 3D sculptural work in and around him as he talks. (That’s the plan at least ) :slight_smile:
There are other sections of the app’ that will also showcase his work.


Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see how this progresses!