URP Unity and VFX Graph

This is using most of code from keijiro/
but using the standard Video player in Unity instead of the HAP

Using the Universal render pipeline & VFX graph. Still some things to sort out.


Wow! looks great. thanks for sharing!

Hey @AndrewWhitney this looks great. I would love to get this working! I’ve been trying to get Kejiro’s unity project to work, but it seems to be missing scripts for me… Did you have to change anything from from his github repo download other than the manifest file?

Hi there - nope just downloaded the https://github.com/keijiro/Dkvfx
This worked out of the box - what I wanted to do was to get it working with the standard VideoPlayer & native .mp4 that Depthkit outputs. That took some poking around to do - but mainly just replacing the HAP player. I’ve still got to strip out some stuff but haven’t had a lot of time to play lately.

Are you Nottingham based by the way ? Just saw your FB page on Notts TV.

I’m Birmingham-based, but working with dancers in Nottingham - I developed Dis_place with Kerryn Wise at the Broadway. See here: I must remember to delete that FB page…

Awesome! Is there any chance you could share the project? Would love to have Depthkit’s native .mp4 working in VFX graph without needing to convert to HAP.

I’ll have a look - it’s quite ‘hacky’ how I’ve done it but if it will help.

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Ok - haven’t done github before so let me know if there are issues.

Also haven’t had time to look at all of this and have moved on :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for sharing Andrew! I’ll give it a proper test later, but just opened the project and it’s working fine in Unity 2020.1 on macOS. Cheers!

It’s very ‘hacky’ as I got to a stage where it was working and we decided to go a different route with the project. (and all the .dll’s are probably in the wrong place.)

do you know if there’s a way to apply his FX to precorded .mov depth footage?
Or does it only work live?