Depthkit sample framerate in Oculus Quest

Hello !
I’m trying to test out DepthKit in a Unity build for Oculus Quest, but I experience poor framerate when putting only an OVRCameraRig from the OVR Plugin along with a sample clip (Julianne).
I set the settings to low on Julianne, but I instantly drop to 50fps when looking at the clip in the Quest build.
Am I doing something wrong ? I’ve seen that it should be working smoothly with a single clip.

Thanks in advance !

Hi @RaphaelGuillet, are you using the default Unity player? Is that clip the only object in the scene? You may want to try re-encoding the clip to half resolution to see if that helps.

AVPro is also helpful as an alternate video player, as it can be more performance friendly, but I’d be curious to see how the half resolution works for you first.

Hi, thanks for your answer.
I tried to transcode the sample clip to half res, but it doesn’t seems to affect the framerate, juste the overall quality…
I downloaded AVPro trial version for I was indeed using the default Unity VideoPlayer, but it drains even more performances. I tried multiple settings, but here are the current ones :

Basically, my build runs at approx. 50-55 fps using everything by default, and approx 45 using AVPro + I usually have spikes artifacts.

Do you have other objects in your scene or just the Depthkit clip?

I have been trying to build a project for Quest for the past few months with similar issues. I have an intro scene with five depthkit clips which now runs but without anything else in the scene. I used ffmpeg to reduce each clip to 49 M and that helped but the quality is very disappointing. My other scenes have a single Depthkit clip and two particle effects which successfully builds from Unity but refuses to launch in the Quest.
I am unsure how to proceed with my entire project. If anyone has any other info for us, I would be so grateful for suggestions.

I do currently have other objects, for I have to go forward, but it doesn’t affect the performances this much (the framrate doesn’t change at all if I disable everything except the Camera and the Clip)

You may want to use the profiler in Unity Editor first to see what eats the most; Depth kit takes some performances but so does particle emitters, especially in the Quest. If it doesn’t launch, it is generally due to the limitations of the headset.

we tested the demo scences with various video players on Quest and it was jittering like hell, I guess it is mainly the displacement shader which is the bottle neck so in my opinion and so far experience Quest ist not strong enough yet for volumetric video
Qualcom X2 based glasses coming second half 2020 is our hopes to get somewhere… Otherwise it is for us currently not useable…