Reducing volumetric quality in Unity

In Unity, I reduced the quality of a clip to have a surface buffer at 6000 but the vertex count that the Unity profiler is showing is around 200k with no other objects in the scene, which reduces performance in VR. Is there anyway to reduce the vertex count further for a depthkit clip?

Are there any other improvements we can make to improve performance on a standalone platform such as the Oculus Quest?

Hi Daniel,

For Oculus Quest, we have recently released the Depthkit Studio Lite as part of Unity Phase 8 which is designed to prioritize playback quality for performance limited devices.

I recommend starting there for Quest playback.

If the quality limitations of the Studio Lite renderer are not acceptable, we also have integrations with Arcturus and Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios that allow you to convert the Depthkit Studio data into a format that is optimized for mobile playback. Let us know if you are interested in exploring those integrations.

Hello James,

I explored Depthkit Studio Lite but it only works with Unity’s built in render pipeline and I am looking for a URP solution. I am very interested in learning about the integrations you described!

Thank You

Hi @DanielShevelev

Yes for URP support the integrations are the right way to go.

For the integrations workflow, the first place to start is learning the new Studio Mesh Sequence exporter

Meanwhile, please send an email to mentioning the Integrations and we’ll get back to you with test data and other details that aren’t yet in our public documentation.