Depthkit to Arcturus HoloEdit Workflow and Device Support

For the benefit of Depthkit Studio users curious about the latest best practices for getting their Depthkit Studio captures to play performantly with high quality on mobile devices and XR headsets (Meta Quest 3, HoloLens 2), here’s a summary of Depthkit’s current integration with Arcturus HoloEdit:

HoloEdit accepts Textured Mesh Sequences (OBJ’s) exported directly out of the Depthkit application.

Once ingested into HoloEdit, follow Arcturus’ documentation on Processing Sparse Camera Clips to compress and convert the captures into a mobile-ready playback format like Arcturus’ OMS or newer AVV format.

Finally, use Arcturus’ HoloSuite Player to playback those clips in Unreal, Unity, or web.

Support for playback of HoloEdit-compressed captures on specific devices like the Quest 3 and HoloLens 2 is dictated by Arcturus’ player and playback format.

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