Exporting DepthKit Studio captures

We understand that there is your own code to achieve similar output to 8thWall for smartphones. If it is available now is it possible we could have it, as previously indicated?

Also, while WebXR to 8thWall is well explained in your video and other documentation, making a Quest export work on the Quest (we use Quest3) is not. Please advise how we do this.

Thank you.

@Terence You can now build your own web player to render Depthkit captures exported in streaming textured geometry format using our newly updated Depthkit.js repository! Follow the instructions in the README to set this up on your own local or cloud-hosted server. This is immediately available to use for anyone with the Depthkit v0.8.1 beta, and will be the primary way to get Depthkit captures to render on the web going forward. Our new 8th Wall templates are built on top of this module, and will continue to be more user-friendly way to get Depthkit captures to play in WebXR. The beta documentation will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

(The previous Depthkit Core-only version of Depthkit.js which rendered Combined per Pixel video exports has been moved to a deprecated repository.)

Depthkit captures which use our 8th Wall template for playback are viewable in Quest by loading the 8th Wall URL in the headset’s browser.

If instead you would like to build a native Android app to run directly on the Quest locally, our recommendation is:

  • Export your capture as a Combined Per Pixel video with the Meta Quest preset applied - This is different than the Draco-based streaming geometry sequence format used in our web player and 8th Wall.
  • Create a Unity 2020.3 project following Meta’s guide on configuring your project for Quest.
  • Add the Combined per Pixel video, poster, and metadata to the project’s Assets bin.
  • Follow our Depthkit Studio Lite renderer documentation to set up your capture to playback performantly on Quest hardware.
  • Build directly from Unity to the headset, or build the APK and then sideload it onto the headset.

Our upcoming releases of Depthkit 0.8.1 and Depthkit Expansion Packages for Unity (Phase 10) will come with updates to our documentation to make this all more clear.

@Terence - Responding to your email here, and rewording some of the above to clarify:

There are two tested and verified workflows to get Depthkit assets to render on Meta Quest:


Thanks Cory.

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