Depthkit Expansian Package Phase 8 and HoloEdit

Hello all,

I’m trying to use the new expansion package phase 8 with the Depthkit capture Unity package that is required to use the footage in HoloEdit.

The procedure in the Depthkit and HoloEdit documentation says the same thing.
Import the 4 dephtkit packages in order in a Unity Built-in RP project, and then import the Depthkit capture package.

However, I always get these errors when I import the Depthkit capture package. The Arcturus team is checking on their side, but maybe someone here recognizes what is missing from the error.

My setup is:

Unity 2020.3.27 built-in RP project,

Depthkit pĥase8_030722

Depthkit Capture 2021.2.2 package

The answer is:
The Phase 8 release does not require a capture package from Arcturus (HoloEdit); that is only used with older (pre-Phase 8) releases.
Arcturtus are in the process of updating their Depthkit documentation, but for now, all that’s required for Phase 8 users is to follow along with Depthkit’s documentation. There’s no capture package from Arcturus required anymore, and the PLY and PNG output from the mesh exporter will be ready for use in HoloEdit.


Hi, @MartinSkorek . That’s correct. As of last week, the new Phase 8 → HoloEdit workflow no longer requires the Arcturus Capture Plugin. Instead, use our textured mesh export guide to export a HoloEdit-ready PLY sequence straight out of Unity with only the Depthkit Studio Expansion packages.