Time for more Depthkit updates: welcome version 0.3.10!

Check out what’s going on this week for the latest Depthkit update to version 0.3.10:

  • Introduction of combined-per-pixel png sequences as an export format in Depthkit Pro. This promotes higher quality exports and is helpful for those taking their volumetric video into another editing tool while avoiding extra video compression.
  • Depthkit now tracks available hard drive space in the diagnostics panel. This is handy when recording on a computer with limited space and will prevent any operating system issues related to low disk space. Record safely for hours!
  • Introduced support for the RealSense D435i.

Important Note: Depthkit projects are not backwards compatible. This means that you cannot open your current Depthkit project in a previous version of Depthkit.

To learn more, check out the Release Notes and Known Issues for this latest version. Want to request or vote on new features? Don’t forget to post on our Feature Request board!



With the new update it crashes when I try to link the refinement mask.
Or is it because it is created in Version v0.3.9 and not backwards compatible? It does open the project just fine in edit and record mode.

This is the error code in the console
2019-06-03 17:51:02.501 ERROR [14856] [detectRefinement@137] Mask stream not found.

Ah yes it probably is the version I just tried it with a new clip that seems to work fine.

Hey Vincent! I’m sorry you ran into a crash. If a project was created in version 0.3.9, you should still be able to open the project in v0.3.10 and link a refinement mask with no issue. Would you be willing to zip up that project and email it to me at support@depthkit.tv? I would love to make sure this isn’t an issue. Thanks!

Hello sorry for the late response but I can’t reproduce the bug anymore it seems to have solved itself. The project now works. To be clear it was when I pressed the button LINK REFINEMENT MASK it just froze up but now it doesnt anymore.

Glad to hear that, Vincent! Please let me know if you have any other issues.