Depthkit: What's New?


The first in a suite of high quality, easy to use volumetric tools, this new version of Depthkit is a standalone, capture to export solution for 2.5D volumetric data. Designed for robustness and reliability, this tool provides visibility into your filmmaking process, showing real-time previews so you can be confident and precise with your captures.

We will be integrating the high quality workflow into this new and improved Depthkit application over the next few months. This version is just the start in a series of advancements in the volumetric toolset that will soon be available to the early access beta program. Stay tuned!

Introduction of the Edit & Export Window

  • Experience 3D playback.
  • Visualize background subtraction options before export.
  • Set in and out points for your desired clip.

Live Preview of the Near & Far Planes

  • Visualize the depth values while you record so you know exactly when in being captured by the depth stream.

Increased Depth Range

  • Experience an extended shooting range with clear indication of when the sensor clips in the near or far plane.

Capture Stability and Performance

  • Take Diagnostics will alert you to any dropped frames that some may experience when working with an older or low powered computer.
  • A capture backlog allows you to create flawless recordings even on these low powered machines by having your frames queue up in system memory and are write to disk after recording completes.
  • Live 3D preview of your capture, as well as individual displays of your color and depth streams provide complete clarity into what you are capturing and how it will look.

Optional Background Subtraction for the Kinect

  • Once capturing a take with the Kinect, you can now hide or show the environment background via your export settings with the help of body index .

Optimized depth data Compression

  • This means efficient and fast processing of your volumetric captures. Now you can go from capture to export to Unity in seconds!

In App Video Encoding

  • Now with hardware accelerated video encoding, there is no need to encode an image sequence with an external tool.

Optimized for Unity

  • The combined-per-pixel video export format allows for direct import into Unity after your takes have been exported.

Dig into the Depthkit Documentation to get started (the password is beta).