The Next Generation of Depthkit hits the Beta Program!

(jillian morrow) #1

September 13, 2018

What does this mean?

To put it simply, Depthkit has turned the original beta tools on their heads and revamped them for stability and quality results. Now we are ready to release the first stage into early access testing.

What does this mean if I am already using current beta tools?

Don’t worry, these current beta tools (now referred to as legacy) are still accessible via your existing beta account. So this beta pre-release will not change your current workflows if you are in progress with the legacy tools.

What is actually being released?

A new generation of Depthkit and the first in a set of high quality, easy to use volumetric tools. In short, this a standalone, capture to export solution for 2.5D volumetric data for reliable sensor only capture. Depthkit now provides visibility into your filmmaking process, showing real-time previews and removing unknowns.

Our main priority is to streamline and improve our tools. We will be integrating the high quality workflow into this new and improved Depthkit over the next few months. This release is just the start in a series of advancements in the volumetric toolset that will be available to the early access beta program very soon.


  • Increased capture stability and performance
  • Optional background subtraction for the Kinect
  • Optimized depth data Compression: go from capture to export to Unity in seconds!
  • In App Video Encoding
  • Optimized for Unity combined-per-pixel video export formats
  • Realsense Support (experimental)