GPU / Native ISO / Bug Report


We are doing tests with Depthkit Pilot and your help could be appreciated :

Do you know if Depthkit can use two graphics cards ? If not, can it cause an issue to have two cards installed and would you recommend to take one off ? We have two (the same one) but only one is detected by the software.
cf. picture attached, including all our system hardware specifications :

What is the native ISO of the Azure Kinect ? We cannot find any details about it.

Also, we noticed a bug while setting up the parameters Color Resolution and Depth Mode in the window “Stream configuration” of “Pair Camera”. At each 6 mouse click, the software freezes (I don’t have any screenshot, sorry). It means that each time we have to restart Depthkit. We are using the Pilot 0.5.10, is it the latest version ?

Thank you !

Hi Olivier,

With regards to 2x graphics cards, we have not tested Depthkit is not designed to take advantage of dual graphics cards, and we haven’t tested ourselves on dual graphics cards systems. It’s very likely that the two graphics cards may cause issues. I recommend taking one card out if you are experiencing instability

The Azure Kinect does not have an explicit “ISO” control, instead it has shutter speed and gain settings that can be adjusted inside of Depthkit. You can read in the Azure Kinect hardware documentation about the RGB exposure:

For the freezing while setting the stream configuration in pair camera bug- changing the stream configurations does require restarting the streams, which will cause a delay but should not crash the application. If you don’t have a screen recording, can you perhaps share any errors that appear in the console? Does it crash every time?