How to record at reduced frame rate

Hello, Depthkit community. How can we reduce the framerate to record at, for example, 15 frames per second? We can not find the option for this.
Thank you in advance.

@AndrewCunningham Depthkit currently only supports capture at 30fps for all capture modes except the highest resolution; Only 3072p color & 1024x1024 unbinned depth capture at 15fps.

Are you running into performance issues like dropped frames at 30fps? If so, please provide the following details of your capture system:

  • Number of sensors
  • Color resolution of each sensor
  • Depth resolution of each sensor
  • Computer CPU model (more info)
  • Computer GPU model & driver version (more info)
  • Indicators of low performance based on the recording diagnostics (e.g. “record buffer fills up”, “100 dropped frames over the course of 1 minute on 2 of 8 sensors”)

Thank you for the info Cory

@AndrewCunningham Is there a specific issue you’re looking to address with reduced framerate? My questions assume that it’s capture performance related, but you may be trying to solve something else altogether, like playback performance, for which we may have different recommendations. Let us know, and we’ll see if we can help.