iPhone 12 Pro + iPad Pro LIDAR

Anyone tried to use the depth sensing cameras (front facing and rear facing LIDAR) for Depthkit?
With the record 3D app, it is possible to export an RGBD MP4, but I think the depth encoding is different to what you get from a Kinect.It is a also possible to export with a grayscale depth map. See pics below.
But this would be a great and portable RGBD video capture option for DK.


The portability aspect could allow new creative possibilities

Yea tried it but it requires running through premiere and changing ratios

Did you change the layout only, not color of depthmqp?
I t appears to me the depth color coding of the iPhone is different to Kinect.

Interested in this as well. Has anyone successfully used volumetric data captured with the iOS LIDAR hardware with Depthkit software?