Unity iOS Application Configuration


I was wondering if there are any further specific project setting requirements for exporting an iOS application with depthkit clip embedded.

I am building a cross-platform project with ARFoundation - and have successfully managed to export an application for Android.

I am now trying to build for iOS. The application compiles and builds correctly from XCode to the device, and all other AR content is displaying correctly, but the DepthKit content is not playing back.

Currently in the Player -> Other Settings I have Auto Graphics API switched to OFF, and in my Graphics API’s list I have enabled Metal, and then OpenGLES3 (Deprecated).

I am targetting ARM64 Architecture and a minimum iOS Target of 11.0

Any ideas welcome!

Thank you :slight_smile:

@OliverEllmers you may find these player settings for Depthkit helpful. Can I ask if you are using the Unity video player or AVPro? Is the Depthkit clip a very high resolution? I wonder if testing a low resolution clip could be helpful in case it is a decoding issue with the phone.

Thanks, @jillianmorrow - I have tested with AVPro on iOS with the demo recording supplied, re-encoded to H265.

It managed to playback briefly on and iPhone 8 at the original resolution (bit rate: 16mbps, resolution: 2144x6144 pixels), but soon crashed due to an out of memory error.

The original footage played smoothly with no issues on a Samsung s10+ using Unity’s media player.

Is it suggested to use the AVPro player over the Unity Player for higher resolution content? Do you have any sort of chart available demonstrating different encoding settings for different devices?

I guess now it is really a job of encoding down until we find a level of quality vs. performance that works across a broad range of devices.



@OliverEllmers, in general is it recommended to use AVPro for higher resolution content, however, this could vary based on the device. It may be worth trying a quick test with the Unity video player to rule out any potential issues with AVPro on an iPhone.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a chart demonstrating different settings per device, but I will certainly share this with our team so it is added to our documentation.

No worries thanks for this!

I think AVPro is a good option for those that can afford the plugin regardles. Its a lot more flexible than the out of the box video system in Unity, and opens up the ability to stream external content a lot easier…

For those who may stumble apon this - I have had successw ith a 1440 x 4096 8mbit 30fps H265 clip on both iOS and Android in AR - tested on an iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S10+

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