Is it possible to transfer DepthKit projects between machines without doing an export from DepthKit?

Hey! We’re going to be shooting with one desktop set up and am hoping to be able to transfer the captured project files to another machine where we’ll be editing the captures into our film. I’m thinking it would save on hard drive space if the project files could be transferred between our shooting machine to the editing machine without doing an OBJ sequence export or video export from DepthKit. It also will allow us to manage all of the takes from the shoot and go through them offset.

Are we able to transfer the captured project files between machines? Will DepthKit automatically find these projects without having to import them on the new machine?


Yes you can @JordanShaw! You just need to make sure you are transferring the entire project, which includes:

  • The _calibration folder
  • Takes
  • The _export (if you have them)
  • The dkproject.json

These are all within the Depthkit project.

Important note to keep in mind, Depthkit does not like to read footage from an exFat drive. If opening the project from an external drive, make sure you use NTFS as your hard drive format.

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Amazing! This is very helpful. Also, thanks for the exFat vs. NTFS tip!

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