Kinect v1 no more support?

kinect v1 useless?
only kinect v2 available to use depthkit for unity /?

Hi there! Currently we support the Azure Kinect, the Kinect for Windows v2, and the RealSense D435, D435i, and D415. Check out more on our sensor support details here.

If you would like to request support for a specific sensor please let us know! We’d love to learn your interest and what you would like to use it for in our Feature Requests board.

So, Kinect V1 not working right?
I have window adapter with V1 but depthkit can’t recognize Kinect…
SDK and everything already installed.

Simply to say, if Kinect V1 not working… please let me know.


That is correct, we do not support the Kinect v1.