Livestream in unity not working


We followed every step of the documentation on how to set up a local livestream via unity but can’t seem to figure it out… We get this error from unity “index was outside the bounds of the array”

Any ideas on what we could be doing wrong here?

@PatriceLaCroix How large is your volume? It looks like the volume bounds (outlined in white in the Scene view) are fairly large - Often we see that pulling these bounds in toward the center and clicking ‘Set Surface Buffer Capacity’ solves these kinds of issues.

When livestreaming, make sure a subject is in the volume when you set the surface buffer, as that process samples the geometry of your scene the moment you press the button. If you sample an empty scene, it may not allocate a large enough buffer to draw all of the triangles of a scene with a person in it.

Let us know if this fixes the issue.