[RESOLVED] DK live stream to unity error

got this error trying to live streaming DK to unity following the doc
please help
d3d11: failed to create 2D texture shader resource view id=956 [D3D error was 80070057]

@AndrewLau Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the livestream pipeline. Can you share more information about your project?

  • Which version of Unity are you using? (e.g. 2020.3.32f)
  • Which Unity render pipeline are you using?
  • Which livestream pipeline are you using? Local live streaming with Spout, or remote live streaming with AV Pro?
  • What are the CPU, GPU, and RAM specs of the computer you are running Unity on?
  • What is the texture resolution of the live stream?

Let us know the answers to these, and we’ll go from there.

all is good now, thx
what we did is to modify KlakSpout package

TextureFormat.RGBA32, false, false
TextureFormat.BGRA32, false, true

ref link:

@AndrewLau Glad to hear you fixed this issue with the modification to KlakSpout.

The GitHub issue you linked to cites Unity version 2022. Is this the version you are using in your project? The Depthkit Expansion Packages for Unity are only tested against Unity 2020.3 (LTS), so if you’re using 2022, you may run into other issues.