Unity Live plugin not working

Hi there!
Last weekend we did our second Depthkit Studio test. As we are working with 5 kinects + 1 Cinema pairing it would have been nice to have a proxy estimation about the current setup and calibration.

We followed the documentation and watched the video but we did not manage to get it to work.

We tried SRP and URP, Unity 2019 lts and Unity 2020 lts. We triple checked all packages and dependencies.

Also I did notice that in the video on the documentation page, a rendertexture is linked to Spout. Does this need to be done manually? If yes then this step is missing in the documentation.
However I made and assigned one using the width and height of the metadata file but with no succes.

A data stream is coming in as I can project the texture on other mesh renders, but nothing is showing on the Depthkit Studio prefab.

Would love some help with this!



@GlennWustlich Are you able to set up a scene with a pre-recorded Depthkit clip? If so, the next steps are to:

  • Ensure Depthkit Livestreaming is enabled in the preferences, and start streaming in the Multicam context.
  • Add the Keijiro registry to your project to enable the import of the KlakSpout plugin, which the Depthkit Live player is dependent on.
  • Add the depthkit.live package to your project.
  • In your Depthkit object’s Depthkit Clip component, change the video player from the Unity Video Player to the Livestream player.
  • This will add a Livestream Player component below. In it, select the Spout stream provided by Depthkit (labelled Depthkit by default).
  • Also disable the poster so it doesn’t override the livestream.
  • Update your metadata to the one generated in the Depthkit project’s export folder once Depthkit has started streaming.

If you are still running into issues, can you provide more details for the errors or indications you are seeing?

Hi @GlennWustlich and @CoryAllen
@GlennWustlich did you figure out what was causing the issue?

@CoryAllen at Zu we got the Live stream working in Unity 2020.3.33 with Built-in renderer just great (screenshot 1) but for some reason we are getting Console errors and no luck with Unity 2020.3.33 URP (screenshot 2).
Both times we used the Studio_Expansion_Package_Phase-8 and Keijiro’s KlakSpout.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

@VeroniqueLevert The scriptable render pipelines (URP, HDRP) require the Core Shader Graph and Studio Shader Graph plugins. Once both are installed into your project, swap the Built-in Studio Look component out with the Shader Graph Studio Look component to render your livestream asset.

@CoryAllen thanks for the update!