Missing Geo in Model

Hi guys,

Got a question around model generation in Unity -

Below (left) is the model in unity which is missing the script part of model, (right) is what is in depth kit, our masks are including this from all angles. I’ve played around with the Unity settings and can’t seem to get this to show within Unity. Do you have any pointers on how we can get this working?


@JonathanForder2 Thanks for sharing.

The Depthkit Studio renderer has an easy time reconstructing solid objects, but thin objects like paper present a challenge, as they are not “solid”.

In the Depthkit Studio Mesh Source component, under Experimental Volume Settings, the adjustments which will help recover this data are Surface Sensitivity, and the Weight Unseen/Unknown tools. Biasing these toward mesh generation (as opposed to culling) may recover some of the paper, but may cause stray bits of geometry to start appearing around your subject, so hopefully you’re able to find a good balance.