Multi Editing and Export


I wanted to ask if there is a way to select multiple shots in editor mode and give them all the same edit.

We have about 30 takes where the same person was always shot in the same lighting conditions and the same sitting position.

I would like to do the editing of the takes only once and then apply it to all the remaining takes.

It would also be good to then be able to export (overnight) all the takes and not have to do this one by one.

Is this possible?

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Which editing program you are using, because they are such functions that you can copy paste or export, cuts, and fades, and all this kind of stuff → but it is always a main question, as the rules are different for the different programs, so in which program you are editing.

If you mean editing inside of depthkit, then I can’t help you. I guess there are files who store where is an in point and where is an out point and maybe you can copy paste this from an information file to another information file but I normally can answer this question when it comes to normal editing programs.

Greetings Martn

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@FelixKnoblauch - Thank you for the feedback, and the context of this request. Currently there is not a way to ripple the Editor settings of one clip out to other clips. I have captured this in our internal product feedback documents, and we will consider it for future Depthkit versions.

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Hi and thanks for the reply.
Editing and exporting and Final Cut or Premiere is not a problem, I was just looking for a way to make exporting out of Depthkit faster.

I will then now transfer the individual parameters each by hand.

Kind regards, Felix