'Apply X to all' ideas

The ‘Apply Settings to all Sensors’ option is fantastic and gets a lot of use with our 10 camera rig, but I’ve come across a couple of other instances where having a similar feature feature would save a lot of time and hassle, such as:

  • Apply Depth Range to all Sensors (this would be especially helpful before doing any livestreaming)
  • Apply Refinement Settings to all (to automatically standardise refinement as being on and with a specific baseline so only cropping and small tweaks will need to be made on each camera)
  • Apply In/Out Points to all (the number of times I’ve clicked over to double-check a camera that I haven’t set the in/out points for and then hit export is ridiculous and the only safe method I’ve found is setting the points for basically all clips. This issue is entirely my own fault, I am aware, but it would still be a handy option :joy: )

…and there’s probably one or two others I haven’t thought of, so if there’s anyone with more thoughts or ideas, please do chime in.

@Ky_HGL Thanks for the feedback, and for your patience while we work behind the scenes to improve usability - I’ll bump these items up to see if we can include them in a future version.

@Ky_HGL, great suggestions.
Regarding Apply In/Out points to all, there is no need to set in/out points manually for each perspective when exporting multi-perspective export types. When performing a multi-perspective export, the in/out points for the currently loaded perspective will propagate to all other perspectives associated with that multi-perspective capture at export time.

I know, don’t worry! And it’s definitely a useful feature. But like I said in the original post, I’ll frequently click over to a different perspective that I haven’t set the points for while double-checking something, and then forget to click back to the original before hitting export. It’d be nice if there were some other way of having all the in/out points linking together than just whatever clip is currently in focus.

Apply Refinement Settings to all would be a very very useful for my workflow too. Craving for it.