MultiPerspective CCP Image Sequence, resolution

To export “MultiPerspective CCP Image Sequence”, each time I got different output resolution, do I have control of it? How? please
(10x Azure Kinect)

Hi, @Oliver . Currently, the Studio video export option straight out of Depthkit has hard-coded bitrate and resolution, so to encode your assets with control over those parameters, we recommend exporting an image sequence and then encoding externally using FFMPEG.

Thank you CoryAllen
I was talking about image sequence exactly. For full resolution record, the best output I get was 2160x19200. But I don’t know why I can’t export that resolution anymore, instead I get 1184x7520. I checked the videos under sensor(0-9)folder, they are full HD. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @Oliver,
The resolution of the combined per pixel image sequence is dictated by resolution and crop of the first camera that appears in the Calibration context. This sequencing is dictated by the serial number of the device. The remaining devices in the sequence are then conformed to that resolution. So I would guess in your past project the resolution on the first camera was higher or the crop was wider, which lead to all the the perspectives having a larger size in the export

In the future we have designed more flexible and customizable export controls. We’re aware that this not the most intuitive thing! Thanks for bearing with us.

Thank you James, that makes sense. My guess was selected sensor instead of first one on the list. The timeline trim is conformed to the selected sensor’s start and end mark, right?

Just tried with no crop or any other editing at all on all of the sensors I can still only get
“textureHeight”: 1184,
“textureWidth”: 7520

@Oliver is Refinement enabled for all the perspectives in the export?