MultiPerspective CPP Video Export Error

Recording was done with 5 Azure Kinects.
When I try to Export Video with MultiPerspective CPP Video,
I get an image-like error.
Is there a solution?

MultiPerspectiveCPPImageSequense and one-by-one CPPVideo are error-free.

Hi, @KiralPoon. This is often the result of Depthkit attempting to encode a video with a resolution greater than what is supported by the codec. What is the resolution of the resulting Multi-Perspective CPP Image Sequence? It looks like you are using the Azure Kinect’s WFOV Depth Mode - Is this the 1024x1024 WFOV Raw (15Hz) mode? Do you have Refinement enabled for any of the sensors?

For the best quality, we recommend exporting your asset as Multi-Perspective CPP Image Sequence, and then encoding the image sequence into a video using FFMPEG, as described in our encoding guide. This allows you to control bitrate and colorspace options, which helps avoid compression artifacts and color/geometry distortions during reconstruction.

Hi Cory,

Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for the nice details respond.
Our team was using my account to ask the question, please forgive their confusing wording cause English is not their native language.

I think our team already solve the problem by adjusting the camera mode. If I encouter this problem again, I would be happy to share.

Have a wonderful day

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