Multiple DK-clip playback Quest 2 with Studio Lite

Hi all!

If I try to run one 2400x2400 DK clip (the “John” sample clip from DK) and a skybox on Quest 2 with the Studio Lite settings, I get 50%/60% GPU load and 70-72fps.
The rest of the Unity-scene is empty. Is this expected behaviour, or should the load be lower?

With two clips I get 75% to 80% gpu load, and the fps drops to around 60fps.

With the Studio Lite renderer, how many clips has anyone been able to play simultaneously on Quest 2? And at what resolutions bitrates?

Thanks for any input!


@AvinashChanga We don’t have any formal performance benchmarks to reference, but I can offer you some tips on improving performance:

  • For any single-sensor Depthkit captures, be sure to use the Depthkit Core packages (rather than Depthkit Studio) to avoid any unnecessary overhead meant for multi-sensor assets.
  • Adjusting the Mesh Density of each asset to a lower value may improve performance. What is it set to in the tests you have conducted?
  • When playing back Studio clips, how many perspectives do you have set to render? A lower number will perform better, but may create holes in your asset based on the positions of the sensors which captured the asset.