Multiple Kinects

Can I use multiple kinects with Educator License ?
Does Depthkit capture the whole scene with 2 kinects ?

Actually, I’d like to know if I can extend the size of the capture field.



Hey Julien! A couple points to chat about here. First, Depthkit only supports single sensor capture for the time being.

Second, due to limitations with the Kinect, you can’t actually plug more than one Kinect sensor into one computer at a time. If you have multiple computers, capturing with 2 Kinects is possible (still with separate captures. You will not be able to merge these in Depthkit at this stage), but if they are pointed towards the same capture space, you may find that you get interference between the Kinects. This can look very blotchy because the IR detectors will be confused.

I hope that is helpful for now! Is your goal to achieve a full body capture?

Hi Jillian, thanks a lot for your answer
I understand about the interferences.

Actually, the idea was just be able to capture a wider area, no more