NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation Depthkit Studio results

Hi Depthkit Studio fam,

We’ve had several community members asking about how the shiny new NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation Graphics card performs with Depthkit.

:loudspeaker: We’ve tested this new card at Scatter and have some initial results!

This card boasts a new level of video encoding capabilities as it’s the only RTX/Quadro card with 3 unrestricted NVENC chips (see the NVIDIA Support Matrix). This encoding chipset is the hardware that Depthkit Studio relies on for fast and efficient video encoding of multiple streams at high resolution, without dropping frames. As a reminder, you can see relevant part of the support matrix in our hardware guide.

The Good News: The NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation card unlocks 10x1440p capture with Depthkit Studio, which is a step up from the 10x1080p capture currently available in our prebuilt hardware packages

The Bad News Based on some isolated system benchmarking, our team believes that up to 10x2160p should be possible with this card, but we are seeing CPU bottlenecks when running the full end to end practical workload that limit this resolution in the current Depthkit Studio system. Briefly, the limitation is in the stage where Depthkit receives color frames from the Azure Kinect SDK.

Fixing these bottlenecks is currently a lower product priority than a few other key projects we are working on, so there’s no timeline on when we may unlock the full performance of the card. We’ll keep this thread updated as we learn more!

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