Better support for Depthkit Studio using GeForce cards with Nvidia latest driver

Good news for owners of the consumer GeForce cards (30X0 series). The latest Nvidia driver update increases compatibility for Depthkit Studio to capture more cameras at higher resolution!

Our CTO @Tim pointed out that the latest driver update removed restrictions on the NVENC sessions for 3 to 5.

Testing briefly just now this driver update did allow one of our 3070 test machine to capture 5x1440p streams without dropping frames, where previously that machine only supported 5x1080p and could not handle anything greater.

Depthkit Studio uses NVENC to achieve realtime encoding of the multiple color video streams while capturing. These driver restrictions are the reason we have historically only supported the A4000 and better line of GPUs.

We’ll do more testing in the coming weeks, and would love to hear from other users about any performance gains you are seeing once you upgrade.