Options appear to be missing in export dialog

I followed the directions on recording/exporting/refining a take, and the documentation video diverged from the software. As you can see below in the video, there are settings to refine the take, I can’t seem to find them in our version. Am I missing something?

Hi @AlanWinslow

Great question. Some of our video documentation is out of date with the new release of 0.7.0. We’re updating it as fast as we can, thanks for pointing out where it’s behind and causing confusion.

With the release of 0.7.0 we have removed the masking and refinement workflow from Depthkit Studio captures. In this version, we use the brand new fusion system to perform segmentation. Masking & Refinement used to be required to achieve hole filling and segmentation, which is now covered automatically. Assuming you’ve captured with a flat floor plane (and your screenshot looks good there), you shouldn’t need greenscreen to achieve high quality segmentation and output.

Going forward, we have had many users request that we add cropping and masking back for Depthkit Studio for the sake of removing props and other special workflows. We are definitely planning on this. You can see a few problems this has caused for other users here, for example: