PC Crashes with 7+ sensors on v0.8.1

The application freezes and pc crashes when we try to connect more that 7 sensors. Even though the system resources are still available, it still crashes with this error-

[Depthkit: : IO: :DepthSensor: :DepthSensorAzureKinect: :sdkLogCallback@1317] Azure Kinect00069601212: usb_cmd_Libusb_cb(). USB timeout on streaming endpoint for depth

Could it be because of my pc not reliably detecting the sensors maybe. I feel an extra PCIE card could help.

I’m using Aorus Z690 Xtreme with one PCIE card by startech running i9 & A5000 with 64GB RAM.

@SumedhSawant Thanks for posting here, and sorry to hear you’re having this issue.

When you say system resources are still available, does that specifically refer to the CPU, GPU, and RAM overhead?

I think your instinct is correct that the bottleneck may be occurring at the USB I/O - Each port on the StarTech PCIe USB card has it’s own USB host controller, resulting in plenty of bandwidth for the sensors connected to the PCIe card. The motherboard, however, puts multiple USB ports on the same host controller, so if you have more then 3-4 sensors connected to the the same controller, we expect to see poor capture performance, and possibly the crashing you are experiencing. The systems we ship as part of the Depthkit Studio Hardware package include 2 of the PCIe cards, meaning 8 sensors each get their own host controller, and only two sensors have to share the motherboard host controller.

If you are able to add another PCIe card and connect more of the sensors to it, please do so, and let us know if that addresses the crashing issue.

Thanks Cory, I’m waiting to receive the 2nd card in few weeks as it’s getting imported. I hope this solves the issue.

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