Where to plug in Last 2 Sensors?

We have 8 sensors plugged into the consecutive ports dedicated for the sensors. There are 2 remaining sensors in our 10 sensor set-up that need to be plugged in, but there are multiple USB port options to choose from. From the attached video, please advise which ports we should use? The Black, Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue or Medium Blue. Thanks!

Hi, @S.I.C.Film_School - Thanks for sharing this question. For the context for anyone else reading, this is regarding a Boxx Apexx S3 computer configured just like the ones offered as part of our Depthkit Studio Hardware packages, including two factory-installed approved StarTech PCIe USB cards.

This exact model of computer is tested with Depthkit to capture 10 sensors recording at 1080p color and 640x576 depth. It supports just two PCIe USB cards, meaning a total of 8 sensors can be connected to the PCIe USB ports, leaving two sensors needing to be plugged into the motherboard. The ASRock z790 Taichi motherboard included in the Apexx S3 computer has many USB ports to choose from, but only some are compatible with the Azure Kinect. We have found that the system records reliably when the remaining two sensors are plugged into the two ports closest to the Taichi logo (highlighted in red in this photo), which have fully compatible Intel USB 3.2 controllers behind them.

In the systems that we sell as part of our Depthkit Studio Harware package, these ports are tested and labelled to ensure setup is fast and smooth, but if you have purchased the computer on your own, these forums and the documentation are the best way of knowing which USB ports are compatible.