Pixelated Studio Exports?

Hello all,

I’m having an issue where some of my Studio exports come out extremely pixelated in the color/camera feed for a brief period. Check out this video here. Once we get to 5 seconds in, everything degrades and pixelates until about 8 seconds. It is most noticeable on the far left and middle shot. You may have to download to see fully. Let me know what I may be doing wrong! Exported using the video method instead of image sequence method.

@Andrew This probably has to do with how the video is encoded.

Under the hood, the first frame is a p-frame, and is the frame that the following i-frames sample until a new p-frame is set. Because you aren’t in frame at the top of the clip, the subsequent i-frames are trying to cobble together an image of you based only on the data found in that first p-frame. When it gets to a new p-frame, it takes a new reference set of data (including you standing in), and is able to reference that in the following i-frames with greater accuracy.

TL;DR - Reencode your image sequence into a video starting at a point where you are already in frame, and change the keyframe interval and bitrate options to improve the quality.

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Cory! Thank you for both of these excellent explanations. Both versions were very important :slight_smile: I’ll trim up the clips and check this out. Thanks again!