The Depthkit Core Expansion Package for Unity


Scatter is thrilled to introduce the Depthkit Core Expansion Package for Unity, now available for purchase in our private beta program while actively in development.

This integration is designed for high performance, high quality, and creative flexibility for your desired XR platform. Support for Unity’s Shader Graph and Visual Effect Graph lets you customize and build your own Depthkit looks. Compatibility with the latest Scriptable Render Pipelines, including HDRP and URP, enables complex scene design with control of dynamic relighting, self shadows, reflections and bounced light. Advanced quality controls provide the ability to refine your assets with soft edge blending and surface normal generation.

Contact us at and join a network of artists on the forefront of real-time visual effects and XR experience design.


Amazing! Really look forward to trying this out. How do we get hold of this? Via email?


@Psicon_Lab just reach us at!

This is what I’ve been looking for!!

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This looks really amazing!

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