Refinement Mask Error - Losing depth info


I need some practical help. I have followed the tutorial to the letter and am getting a great set of data off the Kinect azure with depthkit. When I come to adding a tribe meant mask I keep getting the same two problems… the refinement mask, when applied, takes out the majority of the data only showing some extreme points, and it slows the frame rate into slow motion. See the difference between the non refinement mask and when it’s applied in two images at bottom.

The thing is I have a really clean refinement mask keyed out in after effects.

When I apply this mask 2 things go wrong - the image data disappears (seems to be depth problem?) and the frame rate drops (even though I have match source clicked!)

Apologies for bashing the photos together, as a new forum user I can only attach 1 photo

Please help…
Many thanks.

Hi @RobertGraham, this is very strange. Would you be willing to share the project folder with me at so I can investigate the issue?

Hey Jillian,

That has sorted it! The viewer was on final result not combined matte!

Amazing, I have just exported my first 3d asset! The preview is still in slow mo for some reason (might just be down to processing power my end) but when I export it is back up to speed.

So excited I cant even tell you. We are developing our assets for an AR app that we are putting out in September, will send you guys a link in case you want to use as an example etc.

Amazing software, cant believe this tech is now accessible to companies like ours!


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So glad you got it resolved @RobertGraham! Give me a shout if you have any other questions. We would love to learn more about your AR app!