After updating depth preview appears all black

After updating the software, it didn´t open my project, it says there is an error. I finally opened the folder and charged all the captures, but once there, at the moment I try to refine the depth preview turns all black and I can´t keep working with the clip.

Thanks in advance.

@Francisco_Julian_Mar We received your project and calibration files. It looks like this project was created in an earlier version of Depthkit than v0.6.0, so there should be another JSON in the _migrations folder.

To restore your project, first uninstall Depthkit 0.6.0, and reinstall Depthkit 0.5.12 using the installer found on our website. Do not open your project yet.

Before you open your project, replace the project JSON with the pre-migration version. To do so, archive the current dkproject.json in your project’s root directory by renaming it, or moving it to a different folder. Go into the _migrations folder and copy the backup JSON there to the root folder of the project, and rename it to dkproject.json

Depthkit Studio Multicam Calibrations: It looks from the project you sent us that you don’t have any multicam calibrations, but if you are restoring a project with a multicam calibrations, you’ll have to do the same archive-and-replace process with the JSONs found in the calibration folder.

Then try opening your project. Let us know if this restores your project.

@Francisco_Julian_Mar If restoring the earlier version of the project doesn’t fix this issue, can you confirm whether or not the clips play back if you unlink the Refinement mask from the Depthkit clip?

Hi Cory,
it didn´t work, I did as you said and I keep having the same problem. I have already version 5.12, and when I open my project, I go to any clip that I had already edited, I open it and click ENABLE REFINEMENT and all disapears, and I don´t have any mask applied as it comes without remembering all the editing I did before.

I feel like I´ve lost all the work done just because I updated following the message I received while opening Depthkit last week.

Thanks for your help.

@Francisco_Julian_Mar I sent you an email requesting some more materials from your project so that we can get a better idea of what’s going on.

@Francisco_Julian_Mar Thank you for sending the project. Our team took a look at your project, and found a way to get your footage to appear even with Refinement enabled. To repair your project:

  • With Depthkit closed, open the project’s dkproject.json in an editor like Atom, Sublime Text, or Notepad.
  • Press Ctrl + F and search for "containsBodyIndex": false,
  • Replace every instance with "containsBodyIndex": true,
  • Save the JSON.
  • Re-open Depthkit. Your clips should appear when Refinement is enabled.

We’re still not exactly sure what caused this. Do you have any corrupted_dkproject.json files? If you do, please send it to us, as they may provide some clues.

Otherwise, let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi Cory, eventually the problem was solved.

Here I send you the corrupted file I found. Hope it helps to fix this issue.

Thanks for your help.

(Attachment corrupted_dkproject.json is missing)