Trails in output


(Elizabeth Leister) #1

When I watch my Depthkit clip in Unity there are motion trails that build up from previous movements. Is there a setting that I can turn off/on to avoid this?

(jillian morrow) #2

Hey Elizabeth! Are you referring to artifacts that seems to flicker from the edges of your subject? If so, try adjusting the Clean Up Filters in the Depthkit Clip editor. If another issue, would you mind sharing a screen shot of the artifact?

(Elizabeth Leister) #3

Thank you for getting back to me. I think it’s something else. The images from the previous movements stay on screen and build up making the image unclear.

See attached images.

(Kyle Kukshtel) #4

This looks crazy — not sure what would be causing it. Can you share what version of the plugin you are using, as well as what Unity version you are using? Also, does this happen with other things in motion in your project? Would also be great to post a video/recording of it in action.

Also, moving this thread to bug reports.

(Elizabeth Leister) #5

Hi Kyle
I am using Unity 2018.2.16f1 (64-bit) with Depth Kit pro. I just downloaded the plugins this past weekend so I assume they are the latest versions?
Will get a recording uploaded in the next day or two.

(Elizabeth Leister) #6

Doesn’t seem to be an option here to upload a video…?

(jillian morrow) #7

Feel free to email us at!

(James George) #8

Hi Elizabeth!

While I can’t see your whole project, it looks like you may have the camera ClearFlags set to “Don’t Clear”. With this setting, the previous frame is not cleared when the next one is drawn, causing trails for all movement. It could be a cool effect if desired!

I was able to recreate it on my side, see the screenshot attached. Let me know if this could be the issue!

(Elizabeth Leister) #9

That was it! Thank you so much James. I never thought to look under the Camera settings.
You saved me lots of troubleshooting time!

(Elizabeth Leister) #10


Just wanted to send you a big thanks for sticking with me on this issue.

James solved it and I’m looking forward to really digging into Depthkit now!

You guys rock!