Intermittent spikes in depthkit clip in AR on mobile

I am using depthkit core and depthkit studio lite package in an AR template app. During playback of the depth clips in my AR application on Android mobile devices, I’m noticing intermittent spikes in the video. These spikes are not present in the original recording.
I am attaching the video link so that you can see what’s the problem.

video clip

@AnuragPaliwal - Thanks for sharing the video. There are two areas of the workflow which can reduce/eliminate these “webby” artifacts you are seeing:

  • If you have Refinement enabled in the Depthkit Editor, try applying higher Sharpness and Color Contribution values, and lower Filter Size and Fill Amount values, and re-export.
  • In Unity, raise the Dithering Width and Texture Spill Correction values (see highlighted area in the below screenshot) until the lines disappear.

Let us know if the issue still persists.