Update to Depthkit v0.6.0!

Hello, folks! Depthkit v0.6.0 is now available, and will update automatically the next time you launch Depthkit. Alternatively, you can also download it from the Depthkit website. This version brings the following updates and fixes:

  • High Resolution Live-Streaming: Depthkit Livestreams resolution is now calculated based on the color resolution of the sensors, and can be restricted to user-defined resolution constraints in Preferences.
  • External Sync: Multi-sensor capture now supports sync provided by an external sync generator, eliminating drift from other simultaneous recordings like audio or Cinema cameras. See Sensor sync for more details.
  • Custom Export Resolution & Bitrate: The Depthkit Edit context now supports user-defined resolution constraints for (Multiperspective) Combined-Per-Pixel video and image sequence export formats, as well as user-defined bitrate for (Multiperspective) Combined-Per-Pixel video export formats. For video encoding, this eliminates the need for external video encoders like FFMPEG.
  • Automatic Multi-Row Formatting: Multiperpective Combined per Pixel (CPP) export formats now automatically are formatted into multiple rows to optimize for export resolution constraints. This eliminates the need for the multi-row stacking Python script workflow.
  • Improved Export Resolution Calculation: Depthkit now factors the resolution of each component sensor into the scaling of Multiperpective Combined per Pixel (CPP) export formats, improving resolution and reducing aliasing artifacts.
  • Automatic Backup Project JSON: Depthkit automatically creates a backup of the project JSON, enabling users to restore their projects after a failure like power loss.
  • Improved performance during multi-sensor capture.

For more information, check out the full release notes .