Update to Depthkit v0.8.1!

Depthkit v0.8.1 is now available, and includes the following features:

  • WebXR geometry export preset for streaming Depthkit Core and Studio captures over the internet to be rendered in web browsers on mobile devices and XR headsets. This preset is designed for use with our newly-refreshed Depthkit.js module and 8th Wall templates. The format is based on open Draco standard and native HTML5 Video playback.
  • Export Depthkit captures as geometry sequences with more options and presets, such as OBJ and PLY for visual effects, and Draco assets for streaming over the internet. New mesh simplification to allows users to preserve fidelity while reducing the exported asset’s file size, resulting in Depthkit meshes which are more easily stored, moved, and transferred/streamed over the internet.
  • More intelligent floor removal which preserves details of feet Depthkit Studio clips.
  • Frame-stepping transport controls within the Depthkit Editor.

Depthkit will update automatically the next time you launch it. Alternatively, you can also download it from the Depthkit website. More details are available in our Release Notes.

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So happy you’ve refreshed the Depthkit.js library - always meant to do a lot more with this, other welcome updates too :smiley: