A couple feature that I think that would be useful

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After using both the cinematic capture (CC) and the standard Depthkit modes a few things came to mind as to what could be a few useful features. See below:

(UPDATE: I’ve also found a few solutions for some of the points I’ve mentioned below. I’ve added “edit” notes for either solutions, work around etc to maybe help others.)

  1. In standard mode, not cinematic capture, it would be very helpful to have a refinement feature like in the CC for cropping the left, right, top and bottom. We recorded with a boom and if you weren’t doing a CC capture, I can see how it would be useful to be able to crop a boom out from just over head when trying to export.

  2. It would be rad if in standard mode, or perhaps even in CC to be able to rotate the mesh around say the x axis. Because of the of the angle our film will be viewed on the screen, we shot angled slightly down. In 3d, when fine tuning the depth range in the standard mode, we find that because of the angle we shot at when we are refining the depth data the head starts to be cut off while still leaving a bunch of the floor in front of the feet showing. It would be nice to be able to rotate the mesh so it can be fully vertical. Once vertical, do the depth refinement to get closer to the 3d figure we are trying to isolate. Then when we export it, in the 3d software we choose we can rotate it back around the x-axis if we need to have a tight refined 3d figure but also still angled correctly in the final product. (edit: more or less, this is possible with the refinement mask from the original depth sensor video footage. )

  3. it would be handy to be able to toggle on and off the the CC. For instance, if we fill out all of the CC fields, refine the shot and customize all the properties, if we want to test the standard Azure footage we would have to disable both the refinement and the CC tabs loosing some of this data. It would be cool co be able to be able to toggle

  4. For debugging, testing and also working with depth kit, I can see the benefit of being able to add a refinement mask, without the CC external footage selected as well. (edit: realized that this is possible. I just hadn’t realized this. It’s pretty handy!)

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Thank so much for this feedback @JordanShaw! Would you be willing to hop on the phone to chat about these points more in depth? I think I may have some confusion around your use of refinement, since you can apply this workflow to a sensor capture as well. Let me know if you are free to share your ideas with a quick chat!