Is it possible to rotate a DepthKit Capture

Hey, we’ve been testing and preparing for an upcoming shoot that we’re using DepthKit and we’re going to be taking advantage of the Cinematic Capture feature. We’ve gone through the calibration process a few times. The setup, syncing and calibration are working well!

We were talking with the DP who’s going to be on our shoot to give them a heads up about the depth capture, the requirements and making sure that they’re ready with the required grip gear on their end to mount the Azure Kinect with their video camera.

One of the questions / comments that the DP got back to us on was he sees mounting the Kinect on the rails upside down on top of their rig to make sense with their setup and was their first recommendation.
Obviously we don’t want an upside-down depth capture. And the post pipeline to rotate the video footage, sync the two captures in DepthKit, export and then rotate in Unity wouldn’t be ideal on our end either. Is there a way in DepthKit or another recommended workflow to rotate the captured depth data by 180 degrees in the software (or another way) so we can then sync the captured video with our depth capture in DepthKit and be able to export with the matched footage in the correct orientation (if the Kinect did capture upside-down)?

If it’s not possible, no problem… we will find another mounting solution for the DP’s setup, but I thought that I’d ask to see if this is a scenario that comes up frequently or if there was a solution for it rotating the depth capture.


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Hi @JordanShaw This is a great point to bring up. At the moment, there is no way to automatically rotate the sensor video in Depthkit. I understand your need to not add an extra step outside of Depthkit when it comes to processing, so I would recommend perhaps experimenting with your grip gear.

Can I ask what camera you plan to shoot with? Perhaps we can recommend some alternate grip gear.

Just adding some alternate gear to the list. Obviously this gear will need to vary based on the camera you are using.

Ok, thanks @jillianmorrow.

I thought I’d ask just in case there was a solution. We’re still trying to confirm all the gear right now so I’m not sure of the exact camera and lens yet. It’s still a TBD. But these additional options for gear is certainly helpful and am passing them on.

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