As soon as recording begins, depthkit (trial ver.) throws an error

Hi Community!

I need your help. I am new to Depthkit. I recently received Azure Kinect and wanted to play with Depthkit. I am currently using trial version of it. The software runs perfectly. But whenever I click on record, it throws me an error informing that cannot create a video.

I also see this constantly:
2020-06-16 14:41:40.327 ERROR [17388] [Depthkit::DepthSensorStage::onSensorEvent@249] Depth frame dropped. Delta: 66666
and it keeps going on and on.

What it could be? Any help is welcomed.

With kind regards,

It seems I have found the solution to the problem. I did the following:

  • Uninstalled the DepthKit software.
  • Updated all required drivers for my computer (Acer A515)
  • Installed the DepthKit anew

To prevent appearance of low performance warning followed, i.e.:

  • Uncheked “Use GPU accelerated video encoder” in settings
  • Changed the screen resolution to a much smaller.

Now it works perfectly. The only comment - I would be grateful if DepthKit support team could be more active in forum and troubleshoot the problems as soon as they are reported. I believe this software has a bright future.


Hi @AkbarSultanov, greatest apologies about the delay in response! If you run into any other issues, especially urgent ones, feel free to email me directly at You are also welcome to tag me in a post here in the forums for immediate support.
So glad you resolved the issue and I’ll be standing by if you need anything else!