3d streaming preview is black + error


(Albriele Biace) #1

I open the depthkit software but when I try to record the preview field is blank. I checked everything with the verifier tool and the Kinect is running on Kinect Studio without any problem. Depthkit also finds the Kinect.
If I try to record with depthkit it generates only white png(s).
Also the software shows me this error [DepthKit::Graphics::Shader_GL::createFromSource@87] error creating shader from source:

I think may it be a problem related to my graphic card? I have an Intel® HD graphic family.

How can I solve this problem?
Thank you guys!

(Albriele Biace) #2

When I run it, these are another two errors:
2019-02-07 15:09:33.490 ERROR [4612][DepthKit::DepthSensorStage::onSensorEvent@260] Color frame dropped. Delta: 1000317

2019-02-07 15:09:33.504 ERROR [9964] [DepthKit::IO::DepthSensor::DepthSensorKFW2::getDepthFrames@1020] Could not acquire frame from frame reference

2019-02-07 15:09:33.549 ERROR [9964] [DepthKit::IO::DepthSensor::DepthSensorKFW2::processDepthWithBody@1179] Failed to read depth and/or body frames

(jillian morrow) #3

Hi! This may be a symptom of your graphics card or your computer specifications being below our recommended minimum specification. Would you mind sharing your computer specifications and graphics card?

(Albriele Biace) #4

Dear Jillian, thank you so much, I thought it could be this kind of problem. I have a file txt with specs but it’s in Italian so if you don’t mind tell me what do you need to know, I’ll share pc’s specs without any problems. I think it’s the easiest way.
Thank you again!

(jillian morrow) #5

You computer model and operating system along with your processor and graphics card should do it. Thanks!