Bad result Depthkit Studio capture, Mesh Sequence workflow

Unfortunatly Our Studio capture with 5 sensors including 1 BlackMagic camera yielded bad results. We still wanted to process the files further for retargeting in HoloEdit so that our studio session wouldn’t be a total waste, so we are working with what we have.

For this we are using the Mesh Exporter from the Unity Integration plugin. The Depthkit Player has a View Dependent Color Blend Weight where the camera weight distribution depends on the camera position. Unfortunately, like described in the documentation, setting camera weights is not possible for the Mesh Export and currently will blend the sensors and the blackmagic color data together (which is a waste of the BlackMagic resolution). This feature would be a total lifesaver for us as we have a couple failed Studio captures already. Then, even though the calibration wouldn’t be successful, we could still have captures that we can work with.

So my question is: Is it possible to implement a feature in the Mesh Exporter where we could adjust the sensor/ black magic weights?

Would gladly hear back. Thank you!

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could someone from Scatter please reply to this? thanks!

Hi, @GlennWustlich and @doubleA

Can you share one of the texture map images produced by the Unity Mesh Exporter?

The resolution of the Cinema camera is preserved through the Mesh Export pipeline, as Depthkit’s Multiperspective Combined-per-Pixel image sequences don’t have the same resolution constraint that video assets do, and the textures from each sensor are automatically scaled up to the resolution of the largest source.

In the Arcturus HoloSuite pipeline, texturing is applied within HoloEdit, so the texture data that Depthkit provides is only part of the final result. I’ll check with our team to see if there are any quick adjustments to make to improve this texturing.

@GlennWustlich & @doubleA I have discussed this with the team, and confirmed that as the Mesh Sequence exporter is currently built, there is no way to bias the texturing toward a particular sensor. We recognize that this is a limitation of the product, and would like to discuss this asset and your available options some more on a screenshare - Please check your inbox.