Calibration Error


Yesterday during calibration, my team and I ran into several errors. After updating the software and firmware of the cameras, we set out to calibrate them. We followed the calibration directions to a T and were highly unsuccessful. I have attached some images below for you to look over. Some things to point out - the floor panel was never appropriately aligned after trying multiple times, and the calibration precision never exceeded 0.00%. Do you all have an insight as to what’s going on? Could the sensors in the cameras themselves be damaged? If so, can we test that? The system has so much interest, but we need help getting it up and running.

However, after a complete reset, the calibration seemed to work today. I took a full-screen grab of the process, links below. I’m not sure why yesterday’s errors occurred; we did nothing different today. Is there any insight on this? Also, I’m not completely sure if these are good numbers in the end. Any advice would be great! Thank you.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for posting! I’m going to add a few of the other details you shared over email for the sake of completeness (in hopes that this post may benefit other users)

Here’s the images you shared of the original failed calibration

and the full calibration video:

The day 2 calibration that was more successful is looking good! The calibration you metrics are passable, especially for the sake of workflow prototyping. If you wanted to get better precision, and calibrate faster, I really recommend using the Calibration Remote to save time walking back and forth to the workstation. Secondly, adding more markers like we show in our Speeding up Calibration section will allow you to get more samples, with more coverage, faster.

The cause of the errors in the screenshots from your first attempt is not totally clear without seeing the video of how you got there. There are a few things that will cause this type of gross misalignment in the sensors:

  • Make sure you create a new project, or clear the previous calibration in an existing project (assuming you don’t have any critical capture) before starting a new calibration. Mixing two different camera configurations into the same calibration will cause errors.

  • Make sure there are no duplicated markers on the calibration charts. If you have two copies of the same marker in the charts, it will confuse the system and may result in calibration error like what you are seeing.

  • Make sure there are no stray markers laying around in the background that may get picked up by the sensors and confuse the calibration.

Hope this helps! Please follow up if you continue to experience any issues during calibration.